About Us

Purpose of Center

Quantum physics has been deepply influencing engineering sice it appeared a century ago: a device with quantum effects has already been pu to practial use. However, quantum states where various degrees of freedim strongly interact with one another, such as in intrinsic question of modern physics. This simultaneously has given us a great oppotunity for wide-spread applications. We study a variety of quantum phases where many electrons strongly interact with one another, create a physical basis to control these phases and plan to build a new format electronics with them. Moreover, we intend to secure a strong techinical future by mixing and systematizing the science and engineering to create this new research field.

Brief History

The Quantum-Phase Electronics Center (QPEC), which belongs to the School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, was founded in April 2001 in order to develop the results of the COE program "Phase Control of Spin-Charge-Photon Coupled Systems (SCP)" (Head: Prof. Kenjiro Miyano, 1996-2002). Core members of the SCP project were from the Department of Applied Physics. Results of the SCP project include the discovery of the photon-induced metal-insulator transition, understanding of the relationship between the metal-insulator transition and the mechanism of superconductivity, discovery of the "orbiton" excitation and the discovery of ultrafast photon control. These results demonstrate a new engineering field, which is connected to the next generation electronics beyond conventional semiconductor electronics. Since the activity of the SCP project was evaluated to have worldwide impact, a new COE program "Strongly-Correlated Engineering" was accepted in July 2003, and QPEC was a central base which supported the Strongly-Correlated Engineering program. And also, Global Center of Excellence for Physical Sciences Frontier has been accepted in July 2008, QPEC supports this program.


Foundation April 1, 2001
Year Established 2001- Present
Organization Education and research facility attached to the University of Tokyo School of Engineering
Base of activity Building No.8 and building No.6 of Engineering in Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo.

Configuration of Center

MERIT 1 Senior Researcher/MERIT Program Management Committee chairman, and 2 Lecturers
Field of Quantum Phase Control 1 Professor
Field of Quantum Phase Engineering Project 1 Professor, 1 Lecturer, and 1 Research Associate
Topological Quantum Engineering 1 Associate Professor, and 1 Research Associate
Division of UT-RIKEN Cooperation 1 Associate Professor, and 2 Lecturers
Adjunct Member University Cooperation (Faculty of Engineering, Graduate School of Frontier Science, School of Science, RCAST, Cryogenic Research Center, and Institute of Engineering Innovation),and 
Members outside UT(RIKEN, Stanford University, Max-Planck Institute, British Columbia University)