Electrons in certain solids have strong correlations due to the Coulomb and exchange interactions among them and the electron-lattice interaction. The mission of the Center is to understand the physics of novel quantum phases brought by the electron correlation and to open up a field of new electronics based on the phase transitions between these phases triggered by weak external stimuli. The target materials cover transition metal oxides, transition metal chalcogenides, organic solids, and semiconductors. Experimental data derived from various techniques including transport, magnetic, and thermal measurements, materials development, laser spectroscopy, and x-ray spectroscopy have been constantly interrogated by the theory group. A strong technical base has been established for high-quality crystal growth and for ultrafast optical spectroscopy ranging from THz to UV. The synergetic collaboration among the Project members have been essential in developing a field of materials science, in which one can discuss the low energy transport phenomena and high energy optical excitation on the common footing; a particularly relevant aspect for the study of the strongly correlated electron systems. Our findings will be the basis on which we can establish the electronics for the next generation.