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Quantum-Phase Electronics Center
School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, 7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Past News&Topics  -  Nov. 20, 2008
Nov. 20, 2008
QPEC Workshop
QPEC workshop was held on the 20th November, 2008.

[ Information ]
Date : November 20th, 2008
Place : Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 6, 3F, Seminar Room A・D
          (University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus)

[ Program ]

09:40 Makoto Gonokami (University of Tokyo)
Optical Manipulation of Excitons in a Quantum
Degenerate Regime
10:05 Andre Mysyrowicz (École Polytechnique)
Generation of Intense THz Radiation by Filamentation of Femtosecond Laser Pulses in Air
10:35 Masakazu Ichikawa (University of Tokyo)
Growth and Property of Nanostructures on Ultrathin SiO2 Covered Si Surfaces
10:50 Tadashi Itoh (Osaka University)
Ultrafast Superfluorescence-type Response of Biexciton Luminescence under Two-Photon Resonant Excitation of CuCl Quantum Dots
11:15 Takao Someya (University of Tokyo)
Stretchable Electronics Using Printed Organic Transistors
11:30 Norio Kawakami (Kyoto University)
Supersolid State in Fermionic Optical Lattice Systems
11:55 Lunch
13:30 Ting-Kuo Lee (Academia Sinica)
Can a Simple t-J Model explain the Coexistence of Superconductivity and Stripe?
14:00 Yoshinori Tokura (University of Tokyo)
Electromagnon in Multiferroics - Electrically driven Magnetic Resonance -
14:15 Sadamichi Maekawa (Tohoku University)
Spin Current, Charge Current, Heat Current and Spin-Electronics
14:40 Naoto Nagaosa (University of Tokyo)
Physics of Spin Current in Metals and Superconductors
14:55 Daniel Loss (University of Basel)
Magnetic Ordering of Nuclear Spins in Nanostructures
15:25 Seigo Tarucha (University of Tokyo)
Manipulation and Detection of Electronic States and Correlations in Semiconductor Nanostructures
15:40 Closing