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Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science

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We are interested in the effects of Berry curvature on physical properties of solids. Recently, we study the interplay between non-coplanar spin arrangements such as magnetic skyrmions, and the electronic band structure. Our toolbox includes

  • Material search, e.g. by symmetry principles or density functional theory calculations
  • Crystal synthesis and characterization
  • Ultra-high resolution electrical and thermal transport measurements
  • Extreme conditions: high DC and pulsed magnetic fields at user facilities in Japan, Europe, and the USA
  • Extreme conditions: low temperature experiments below 300 milli-Kelvin
  • Collaborations on quantum-beam scattering experiments

Current research topics

Amongst other directions, we are offering projects on the following issues to interested students and post-doctoral researchers:

  1. Search for new families of spin textures, such as topological knots, in high-symmetry frustrated magnets

  2. Development of ultra-low temperature setup for measurements of the thermal Hall effect in unconventional spin systems

  3. Development of bulk van-der-Waals materials with complex magnetic order

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Current members and alumni

Leonie Spitz
Master Course

Shun Akatsuka
Master Course
M1 Student

Max Hirschberger
Associate Professor

Teaching and Lecture courses

Fall 2020: "Solid State Physics IV: Quantum mechanics and topology", The University of Tokyo, Dept. of Applied Physics
In collaboration with K. Usami
Office hours:
  1. Friday 10/30 15:00-16:00 (zoom)
  2. Friday 11/06 15:00-16:00 (zoom)
  3. Friday 11/13 15:00-16:00 (zoom)
Note: lecture notes are password-protected (password announced in lecture)

Lecture 8: Berry's phase in Quantum Mechanics

Lecture 9: Quantum Hall effect

Lecture 10: Quantum anomalous Hall effect and quantum spin-Hall effect

Lecture 11: Quantum spin-Hall effect and Topological Insulators

Lecture 11: Concluding remarks (pptx)

Lecture 12: Weyl semimetals

Assignment (Problem set)

Publication List (chronological)


  1. Enhanced thermal Hall conductivity below 1 Kelvin in the pyrochlore magnet Yb2Ti2O7.
    arXiv:1903.00595 (2019)
    Hirschberger M., Czajka P., Koohpayeh S.M., Wang W., and Ong N.P.
  2. 2021

  3. Large Hall and Nernst responses from thermally induced spin chirality in a spin-trimer ferromagnet.
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Advanced online publication, 118 (33) e2023588118 - click! (2021)
    Kolincio K.K., Hirschberger M., Masell J., Gao S., Kikkawa A., Taguchi Y., Arima T.-h., Nagaosa N., and Tokura Y.
  4. Oscillations of the thermal conductivity observed in the spin-liquid state of α-RuCl3.
    Nature Physics 17, 915–919 (2021)
    Czajka P., Gao T., Hirschberger M., Lampen-Kelley P., Banerjee A., Yan J., Mandrus D.G., Nagler S.E., and Ong N.P.
  5. Robust noncoplanar magnetism in band filling-tuned (Nd1−xCax)2Mo2O7.
    Physical Review B 104, 024436 (2021)
    Hirschberger M., Kaneko Y., Spitz L., Nakajima T., Taguchi Y., and Tokura Y.
  6. Geometrical Hall effect and momentum-space Berry curvature from spin-reversed band pairs.
    Physical Review B (Letter) 103, L041111 (2021)
    Hirschberger M., Nomura, Y., Mitamura H., Miyake A., Koretsune T., Kaneko Y., Spitz L., Taguchi Y., Matsuo A., Kindo K., Arita R., Tokunaga M., and Tokura Y.
  7. Nanometric skyrmion lattice from anisotropic exchange interactions in a centrosymmetric host.
    New Journal of Physics 23, 023039 (2021)
    Hirschberger M., Hayami S. and Tokura Y.
  8. 2020

  9. Emergent electromagnetic induction in a helical-spin magnet.
    Nature 586, 232–236 (2020)
    Yokouchi T., Kagawa F., Hirschberger M., Otani Y., Nagaosa N., and Tokura Y.
  10. Topological Nernst effect of the two-dimensional skyrmion lattice.
    Physical Review Letters 125, 076602 (2020)
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  12. High-field depinned phase and planar Hall effect in skyrmion-host Gd2PdSi3.
    Physical Review B (Rapid) 101, 220401(R) (2020)
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  13. 2019

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    Nature Communications 10, 5831 (2019)
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    Physical Review B (Rapid) 100, 241115(R) (2019)
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  16. Skyrmion lattice with a giant topological Hall effect in a frustrated triangular-lattice magnet.
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    Physical Review Letters 123, 247203 (2019)
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    Nature Materials 18, 443 (2019)
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  19. 2018

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  21. 2017

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  24. 2016

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  29. 2015

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